The Saint John String Quartet is as likely to be heard playing with Matt Anderson or Meatloaf as it is playing Beethoven or Haydn.

Experience it yourself.

 Special Note: We would like to thank artsnb for their support in helping us to perform at Music Niagara this year in Niagara-on-the-Lake. These festivals are so important for artists to continue to be inspired and inspire others. We are always grateful to our sponsors who make these opportunities possible. We had a wonderful time and come back fresh and looking forward to another full season of concerts around the province!


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Upcoming Events

  • Jan 27
    Fredericton Public Library,  Fredericton
  • Jan 27
    Saint John Free Public Library,  Saint John
  • Feb 22
    Lorenzo Society UNBSJ,  Saint John
  • Feb 24
    Resurgo Place,  Moncton
  • Feb 25
    Saint John Arts Centre,  Saint John